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SHO 1161

Zglobni proširljivi nosač za TV 13" - 40"

For television
Load capacity 20 kg
Min. screen diagonal 13 "
Max. screen diagonal 40 "
Function and installation
Variability extendable
Way of movement mechanical
Tilt downwards 15
Swivel +/- 90°
Level correction +/- 180°
Min. distance from wall 7,5 cm
Max. distance from wall 21,8 cm
Dimensions of mount
Height 23 cm
Width 23 cm
Depth 7,5 cm
TV mount pad dimensions
Minimum span 75 X 75 MM
Maximum span 200 X 200 MM
VESA 75x75
VESA 100x100
VESA 200x100
VESA 200x200
VESA 300x200
VESA 300x300
VESA 400x200
VESA 400x300
VESA 400x400
VESA 600x200
VESA 600x300
VESA 600x400
Material aluminium / steel
Spirit level
Removal prevention mechanism
Colour black